FilmFellas Cast 1, Webisode 2: A Reel Experience

Uploaded on Thursday 13 September 2012


In the last webisode, "Web of Opportunities", Steven Dadouche’s idea of taking on other jobs in order to fund a film career was cut short, but with the release of webisode 2, "Reel Experience", the Fellas begin to reminisce on their past experiences, hardships and roles as young filmmakers working in the biz. They discuss how important it is to utilize any avenue of learning such as film schools, courses, mentors and the internet in order to advance your knowledge.

FilmFellas Cast 1: “Film School and Beyond” features Philip Bloom (DoP, The Insider, If I Were Prime Minister). Peter Hawley (Director, Flashpoint Academy), Steven Dadouche (Director of Photography) and host Steve Weiss (Director FilmFellas/Critics). In the first webisode launching the FilmFellas web series, the fellas discuss the web of opportunities, using the internet as a delivery medium for entertainment and film school.

Continuing the round table discussion, the eclectic cast of filmmakers cover such topics as: learning your craft, building a body of work and finding mentors in the industry. The Fellas wrap up Season 1 by elaborating on the dynamics of the collaborative process, directing styles, editing and the importance of creating your own unique filmmaking style.

“But never forget…it all comes down to content.” ~ Steve Weiss


Language: English

Length: 6:47

Country: United States