FilmFellas Cast 1, Webisode 3: Content is King

Uploaded on Thursday 13 September 2012


Cast One: Steve Weiss, Philip Bloom, Peter Hawley, Steve DaDouche.
The four course webisodic meal is almost over, but the film chatter is far from complete. Finishing their conversation about the benefits of the internet for new filmmakers, the Fellas move in a new direction in webisode three, “Content is King”. They begin to breakdown the pros and cons of the using the net as a tool to evolve productions, whether to buy or rent equipment and how to differentiate yourself as a newcomer in the film industry. When it comes down to solving the secret of how to launch your successful career on the internet, Steve Weiss has one answer “It’s called being good!”


Language: English

Length: 6:28

Country: United States