Finding Heart through Pain

Uploaded on Wednesday 22 May 2013


Music Video for Mountain Men Anonymous.
My Kung Fu Records
Directed by Daniel Hopkins.
Cinematography by Christopher Eynon.

Made in 2004, This video was for the single of the same name unfortunately the band split up before the release so the single never got a proper release.
The vocals on this track are by Caroline Ross who was in a band called Delicate AWOL at the time.
It is available on there second album called Krkonose. Which is available via itunes and a few places online.
The video it's self was shot on 16mm on a Arriflex BL, not the easiest of cameras to use. We only had 10 minutes of stock to shoot it on hence the use of some interesting effects in Post Production.


Language: English

Length: 3:20

Country: Wales