Fix the dancer

Uploaded on Sunday 13 January 2013


A dancer suddenly gets stuck while he is dancing. He breaks like a puppet. Hopefully, someone will help him. A group of kids are playing football somewhere close to where the dancer lies, but they don't realize what happened until their ball finishes near him. One of the kids go to pick up the ball and his curiosity will drive him to fix the dancer. The dancer thanks the kid dancing, disappearing afterwards. The kid with the ball calls his friends, they run to see the wonderful fact but there is nothing to see, so they go back to where they were playing. The kid with the ball knows that the dancer was real and he waits for him to show up. The dancer finally comes on the scene and kids enjoy his dance.
But it will not last long…

The incredule kid with the cowboy hat has a very funny part at the end of the movie.


Language: Silent

Length: 1:50

Country: Italy

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Fix the dancer by Raquel Yunta is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 3.0 License.