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Uploaded on Friday 15 July 2011


Francesco Rulli, founder/president of Film Annex, talks about the importance of keeping advertisers content to keep generating revenues. He also discusses the type of camera you need in order to shoot a professional video without spending a lot of money or carrying a heavy camera.

《Content II - The Fine Line of Film Annex Advertising Networks》

"Advertisers want professionally made content." Francesco Rulli

The amount of user-generated content keeps increasing every day on YouTube and similar sites. This makes it challenging for viewers to find quality content on the web. That’s where Film Annex makes a difference for the online audience. Founder and President, Francesco Rulli, discusses the strength of Film Annex’s editing and production skills from a recent trip to China. Rulli says that higher quality content attracts more people and creates a loyal viewer base, and he also speaks to the importance of keeping advertisers content to keep generating revenues.
Currently, Film Annex has over 26,000 professional films and videos on its platform. As opposed to online video networks that have difficulty monetizing their content, Film Annex maintains its strong relationship with the top ad networks (you can find pre-rolls by companies like CBS, CNN, and NYTimes on Film Annex’s platform).

《内容II - Film Annex广告网络的优质路线》

“广告客户想要专业的内容。” 弗朗切斯科鲁利(Francesco Rulli)

在YouTube和类似的网站,每天用户产生的内容的数量不断增加,这提高了观众在网路上找到优质内容的困难度。Film Annex对高质素影片的重视正是Film Annex提供给网上观众的差异处。Film Annex 的创始人兼总裁,弗朗切斯科鲁利(Francesco Rulli),谈及他最近的一趟中国之旅,和Film Annex的编辑和生产制作技能的实力。他说,越高质素的内容可以吸引更多的人,并形成一群忠实的观众群体,他还谈到,保持广告客户的内容,以不断地产生收入的重要性。
目前,Film Annex的网上平台拥有超过26,000部专业电影和视频影片。相对于其它的在线视频网络,Film Annex与顶级的广告网络保持着牢固的合作关系(目前,在Film Annex的网上平台,您可以看到由CBS,CNN和NYTimes等公司所提供的贴片广告)。


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