Game of Thrones theme - Rebuilt

Uploaded on Sunday 30 September 2012


Game of Thrones' main theme (Ramin Djawadi) rebuilt entirely in Logic Studio (by Nicolas Heron) using some of the following libraries/plug-ins:

- LASS (LA Scoring Strings)
- EWQL Orchestra
- EWQL Gypsy
- Symphobia 2
- Omnisphere
- Kontakt Library
- Ethno 2
- StormDrum 2

Some sounds design was also required for the initial Sitar effect: 2 guitar strings were hit with a drum stick and recorded multiple times then blended with a Sitar, Harpsichord and Shamisen.
A reversed cymbal was also used at the very beginning of the track.


Language: English

Length: 1:49

Country: United States