Garrett Finkle is Not a Wizard

Uploaded on Saturday 22 September 2012


While training for an upcoming tryout, Garrett Finkle, a determined amateur skip-rope athlete, receives an invitation under his door to a Wizard Academy. Suspecting the worst, he confronts his parents about the letter. They sit down for a family meeting. Garrett is focused on trying to determine the legitimacy of the letter. His parents, as though they were expecting their son to receive this news eventually, seem to openly embrace the idea of their son attending the Wizard Academy.

Is it a real invitation from a well-renowned Wizard Academy? Do Wizard Academies even exist? Why are his parents so insistent that Garrett pursues Wizard training when he already has plans to become a famous skip-rope athlete? Garrett Finkle's world is flipped on its head as he is introduced to a fantastic world of Wizardry he had no idea even existed.

Made in 24 hours.


Language: English

Length: 5:33

Country: Canada