Good Luck, Bad Luck (The Movie) - Trailer

Uploaded on Tuesday 23 October 2012


Hammer Beanz, an OG, from south providence, having trouble making money.
Even as an OG he struggles to pay his bills when 75 thousand lands in his hands from the Sky.
Him receiving this blessing from above was a point of Good luck to himself as he Flees from the seen.
But little does he know the 75k Was stolen from a House own by South Side OGs Rilla & Rocky. Rocky and
Rilla are Cousins. They both have a reputation of being the Biggest and Baddest from the South Side.
Under them hunderds of Souljas and Guns.
Rilla done a bid for 7 years. Before then he ran the south side, Being years older then Beanz.
Rilla is focused on getting back on his game in his hood once gets out of jail. When He Finds out
That Beanz Stole from him He was enraged! He Listens to the streets to find alittle bit about Beanz and Finds out
He's dating his Little cousin Kayzee that owns the House that was robbed.....

Beanz, Rocky, Rilla and numerous Goons scuffle, war and More through out the Movie. Tons of action and Many More.


Language: English

Length: 1:42

Country: United States