Habana Outpost (with Vanessa Rae)

Uploaded on Sunday 19 July 2009


Guest Host Vanessa Rae joins The Guys at Habana Outpost, Sean Meenan's super green, solar powered, rainwater collecting, roof-garden having, fantastic eating and drinking spot in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Habana is, in fact, the only solar powered restaurant in the NYC area, using renewable energies, ingredients and innovative thinking across the board - and that includes the bike blender for mixing your own smoothies! With Sixpoint Ales on tap for a ridiculous price and their Famous Corn that will knock your socks off, Habana is a Cuban inspired, cash-only seasonal retreat in the middle of bustling Brooklyn that will teach you, entertain you, and leave you sated and satisfied. We certainly were.


Language: English

Length: 5:59

Country: United States