Happy Hour at 7AM: RUSKI'S.

Uploaded on Thursday 9 September 2010


The Guys make their way back to Maine, and the earliest Happy Hour on record (as far as they've ever seen). Ruski's is also a historic bar, open through prohibition, and is now Portland's oldest pub. It was built in the 1860's and became a beer parlor in 1900. It remained open through Prohibition as a "lunch parlor", but still sold alcohol through the back door. It has remained in business as one name or another since 1900.

The highest price menu item is the surf&turf at 13.95. By far most things are under 10. A burger is still only 4.95, and coffee is 80 cents!

Join Mark and Jimmy as they coffee up, wake up, and then start their 'good night' at Ruski's!



Language: English

Length: 2:17

Country: United States