Hee Young - 4 Luv (Album Teaser)

Uploaded on Monday 15 October 2012


Teaser/promo video for Hee Young's new album, 4 Luv. Released by Pastel Music, South Korea's biggest indie label.

"A beautiful example of what music is all about” is how the UK’s THE MAG describes Hee Young’s debut EP ‘So Sudden.’ Produced by Saul Simon MacWilliams (Chris Garneau), mixed and mastered by Dan Romer (Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs), and self-released in 2009, ‘So Sudden EP ’ was picked up by South Korea’s biggest Indie label Pastel Music in 2010. ‘Are You Still Waiting?’, the title track of her EP won the Singer/Songwriter Awards of We Are Listening in 2010 and was featured in Korea’s hit TV show ‘Lie To Me’ which created a buzz not only in Korea, but internationally, resulting in dozens of fan videos even before the release of the official music video.

Born in a small seaside town to a singer mother and a composer father, Hee Young grew up in Seoul, South Korea. At age sixteen, she left home to fulfill the American Dream, but after a year spent in a middle of nowhere town in South Georgia in the land of endless cotton fields, she found herself alone with no high speed Internet or a television and no close friends and family, but an old piano and a slight Southern accent. That’s when she started speaking the language of loneliness and unrequited love and matching them to her own melodies.

10 years later, she’s a young Brooklyn transplant with a degree in Studio Composition from SUNY Purchase Music Conservatory and is a signed artist of South Korea’s Pastel Music. With an EP under her belt, Hee Young’s first full-length record ‘4 Luv’ will be released in the spring of 2012.

Visit http://www.heeyoungmusic.com for more info.


Language: Music

Length: 01:05

Country: United States