Uploaded on Thursday 6 March 2014


William's act is one of an arrogant radio talk-show host from NY whose constant espousal of his inflammatory views and ceaseless hectoring of his callers and listeners reaps equal parts love and hate. His act works, William's radio show is about to go nationwide. But to his co-workers he's affable and caring. Only his girlfriend wonders which one is the act and which one is the real William. Now it's 10 minutes before the New Year and William his haranguing callers about the idiocy of optimism and celebrating just another day on the calendar. William has all the answers, almost as if he's the light and the way. Then he takes one final caller. This caller is Hellfire.

Hellfire was created and edited with Stock Footage.
The film is directed by Farnaz Samii
Starring: Milton Lawrence, Jake Head


Language: English

Length: 12:22

Country: United States