Uploaded on Tuesday 13 September 2011


Join us in celebrating Hello Hollywood’s 100th episode. To help in the festivities, wehave an exclusive interview with Peter Chan, the director of the hit movie Wu Xia.We expose how you could get the original invitation to Britney Spears and KevinFederline’s wedding. We are there for Jennifer Aniston as she gets permanently
cemented into Hollywood fame and we expose the highest paid actresses in
Hollywood. You will be surprised at who made the list. Our cameras then go
backstage with the incredible dance crew known as LXD – the League of Extreme Dancers. From amazing flips to some of the most exciting dance moves – LXD let’s us go inside of one of their rehearsals and watch this unbelievable group in action. We also take an in-depth look at the movie Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. HH was invited to sit down with the lead actress Li Bingbing and executive producer Wendy Murdock and ask about the production difficulties and successes. We also got a surprise interview with the director Wayne Wang. All this and more as celebritiesfrom Hollywood and China wish Hello Hollywood a happy 100th birthday!


Language: Chinese (simplified)

Length: 26 minutes

Country: China

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