Hooray for Hollywood - The Formosa Cafe.

Uploaded on Monday 20 July 2009


The Guys stop by this classic West Hollywood Chinese-themed spot that has long been known as "where the stars dine"; just across the street from The Lot studios (the old Warner's studio) and in a building that housed, at one time, the production offices for United Artists (that's right, Mary Pickford, Doug Fairbanks, and Charlie Chaplin!) and an old railcar for the rail line that ran down Santa Monica Boulevard, the Formosa Cafe is an intersection of Old and New Hollywood to the n'th degree.

Opened in 1939, the red and ebony Formosa Cafe has been long been a movie biz watering hole; the two bars are surrounded by hundreds of celebrity photos (from Elvis to Bono), and although most people just stop by for pre-dinner or after-hours drinks, the Formosa (which became a landmark in 1991) also offers a full menu every night of the week. This is a place that is truly not to be missed. Jimmy even has a chance to interview Vincent Jung, the current owner, who is the grandson of the original owner - and what stories he has to tell. Cheers! And Hooray for Hollywood!


Language: English

Length: 4:16

Country: United States