How NATO utilises intelligence

Uploaded on Wednesday 31 October 2018


Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) is how NATO nations collect, share and use information. It is used to build a thorough picture of a developing crisis situation, provide the ground team with as much information as possible and help the people in charge make decisions.

During the ‘Unified Vision 2018 trials’, held for two weeks across NATO territories in Europe and North America, participants from 17 NATO nations, as well as from partner countries Finland and Sweden had the opportunity to connect multinational and collective Joint ISR capabilities in a practice scenario.

Operating a mixture of aerial, ground and maritime surveillance and reconnaissance platforms and sensors, the trial gathered around 1,250 participants in Europe and North America, putting into practice lessons learned by NATO nations during the last decade of operating together.

In this film, NATOChannel looks at the importance of Joint ISR, how it works, the technology behind it and the role it plays in a given crisis situation.


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