How to draw a cartoon Harley Quinn

Uploaded on Sunday 6 May 2018


How to draw a cartoon Harley Quinn

Follow along with me as I draw a cartoon Harley Quinn from Batman DC Comic Book Characters. She was the girlfriend of the Joker. I enjoy drawing a lot and this is a fun easy drawing anyone can do. You will need 1 sheet of drawing paper. A set of markers, color pencils, and acrylic paints. Also a number 2 pencil and an eraser.

Next, you need an adequate workspace with really good lighting. Pick a place and clear away any clutter. Then lay out your supplies and your paper to get started.

Take your time when drawing and don’t be afraid to use your eraser. If you begin to get frustrated you made need to walk away from your drawing and come back later. There is no rush. If it takes you one day or two weeks to complete that is fine.

Once you have completed your drawing if you are not satisfied with the results then do it again. I will do my drawing 4 or 5 times sometimes before I am happy. What matters most is that you as the artist are happy with the drawing. Keep practicing until you have a drawing you can be proud of. (music from u tube performed by the Seat Belts)


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