how to edit a video using camtasia studio 8

Uploaded on Tuesday 4 October 2016


In this video I'm showing you how to properly edit videos that you want to upload to YouTube and Bitlanders etc. Software you will need:When you made an intro and you recorded a video (Tutorial,Gameplay,Review etc.),you should start putting the videos into the Camtasia Studio Clip bin.To do that,you just drag and drop the video from you t(Or wherever),and drop it into the blank clip bin space.Do the same for the intro.When all of the videos are in the clip bin,you'll be ready to start editing.Camtasia Studio 8 Tutorial - If you’re editing your first video in Camtasia or if you’d just like to watch over someone’s shoulder on how to edit a video, this video will help!


Language: English

Country: Pakistan