How to Use Film Annex: 6 Minute Overview by Steven Carpenter

Uploaded on Friday 4 April 2014


This video will give new users a clear understanding of how to use Film Annex to gain financial rewards. An introduction and tour of the Film Annex platform by Steven Carpenter with QLF Incorporated. The video contains a 6 minute overview and tour of using Film Annex for new users.

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Language: English

Length: 6:16

Country: United States


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    Is it available for pakistan

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    Can you please create a detailed review or blog about how to calculate the earning here in Please!

  • Steven-Carpenter

    @dgeary thank you very much for your support! I really appreciate it and would like to add that you are also part of who made Film Annex! Thank you for using!

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    and its doing such a good job helping all them people wot good work

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    well that was grate and explained very well tell you all you need to no great work Steven and well dun for being a part of who made film annex

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    Thank you @rashid889

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    Thanks everyone! I really hope it helps out!

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    Thank you @francesco! I really enjoy supporting an incredible organization!

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    @francesco QLF Incorporated appreciates your recognition of our CEO & Founder @MarkStevenCarpenter! We've created this profile for the Quantum Leap Foundation!

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    Dear @MarkStevenCarpenter this is a fantastic video!! really impressive; I will promote it to my followers base.

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    Thanks @MikeSweeney!

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    Great job, will be posting in my Blog asap...

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    Worth reading! Best I've seen yet! I've been searching for a few days. Thanks for taking the time to do this man!

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    This is the best tour of #filmannex i've seen so far! Very helpful! Thanks @MarkStevenCarpenter

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    This will give you all the information you need for using Film Annex! Please #share