I am Happy

Uploaded on Monday 28 February 2011


In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, graffiti artists try to make a living through art rather than crime, samba musicians give voice to their pain through music, maids come down from the hillside slums every day to work in the wealthy homes of the city's south side and military police combat ghetto crime with minimal resources. Despite having to face enormous social and economic problems, these individuals soldier on creating their own brand of happiness. Their joy is a secret weapon for ensuring their own survival in a harsh environment. What is their perception of happiness? For some it is a state of mind, for others it is a fleeting moment in time.
Over a span of three years (from 2006 to 2009), documentary filmmaker, Soraya Umewaka followed the lives of eight inspiring individuals in the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Language: Portuguese

Length: 61 minutes

Country: Brazil