I Calcianti

Uploaded on Thursday 6 January 2011


An ancient game. A game without rules, team mates are brothers in blood and opponents bitter enemies. Four teams, four colors: they play for their women and for Florence, they fight for their borough!
Whites: one father and his son fighting against phantoms of the past.
Reds: two life-time friends, two opposite destinies.
Greens: a myth that is not content enough with being a man.
Blues: their captain has lost himself and his woman, a Chinese man who dreams in Florentine.
Seven men (players or just calcianti in italian), one goal: to overcome their fears and discover themselves in the middle of punches, caresses and fireworks.
In a bitter and spectacular comedy: just like life.
They wanna live like this!
I calcianti.


Language: English

Length: 1:45

Country: Italy

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