Inner Senses - Trailer

Uploaded on Wednesday 16 March 2011


Yan has been haunted for years by visions of dead people. Though she has become weary of Psychologists who claim that her visions are all in her head, she agrees to see Jim Law, a close friend of her brother-in-law. Like everyone else, Jim thinks it's all in her mind. However, he knows all too well what Yan is going through. He knows that her condition is brought on by loneliness and by bad experiences in past relationships and devotes all his time to curing her. As Yan is gradually being freed from her visions, Doctor and patient begin falling in love. But then Jim starts acting in ways familiar to her - perhaps seeing ghosts too. Confronting memories from 20 years past, Jim remembers a young girl named Yu, his high school girlfriend who had killed herself when he tried to break up with her. Now with Yan's help and love, Jim is ready to face the ghost of his past, to speak to Yu face to face, and end the nightmare.


Language: Chinese (traditional)

Country: Hong Kong