International Rally Casentino 2014

Uploaded on Monday 14 July 2014


These are some higlights from the International Rally of Casentino, located in Bibbiena (Arezzo), not so far from Florence, on the beautiful hills of Tuscany. Starring in this edition the former Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica, driving a Ford Fiesta WRC. He won this edition with a very large gap on the other challengers.

1. Kubica-Przemystaw (Ford Fiesta WRC) in 1:29'18.3;
2. Re-Bariani (Citroen DS3 WRC) a 2'38.6;
3. Fontana-Arena (Ford Focus WRC) a 2'46.3;
4. Ambrosoli-Stefanelli (Citroen C4 WRC) a 3'27.8;
5. Michelini-Perna (Citroen DS3 R5) a 3'29.5;
6. Re-Turati (Citroen DS3 RRC) a 8'18.1;
7. Rendina-Pizzuti (Ford Fiesta R5) a 8'36.3;
8. Vescovi-Guzzi (Renault Clio R3) a 9'35.9;
9. Koessler-Hoffmann (Subaru Impreza R4) a 10'09.6;
10. Dal Ponte-Tessaro (Renault Clio S1600) a 10'25.0;


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