Interview Giovanni Cioni (CANTIERE PER ULISSE)

Uploaded on Tuesday 13 November 2012


A center of socialization in Florence, Ponterosso, with people who experienced the prison, addiction, life on the street, or have dealt with mental problems. And now they are “back.” Some disappear, to reappear after a few months. Sometimes they never come back. I was invited there to do interviews. I then proposed to invent a movie with them, and the movie had to be for Ulysses. Ulysses is the missing one, prey to monsters and mermaids, the one who returns from the land of the dead, in an endless journey. I am shooting the film for some years now. It is an experience of continuous exchange. The film could be endless, like life that goes on, and whose events become part of the film. I could make a film with each of the people I met at Ponterosso. The issue I want to deal with in the Cantiere lies in this relationship between the time of the film and the one of life. The question will be: why to make a movie like that? Perhaps to find something of mine (that belongs to each of us) in the lives of the others.


Language: Italian

Length: 8:15

Country: Italy