Interview Paolo Pisanelli (CANTIERE - STORIE DI TARANTO)

Uploaded on Tuesday 13 November 2012


Storie di Taranto (working title) tells the tensions and passions of a city surrounded by a cloud of smog, intoxicated at an unsustainable level for the life of its inhabitants. Air, land and water are poisoned, like in a apocalyptic science fiction movie, while the fire keeps on burning the coal to produce steel in the blast furnaces of ILVA, the largest steelworks in Europe, built in the midst of the houses and opened with the name of ITALSIDER nearly fifty years ago. We follow the everyday life of a dozen characters, linked by the interventions of a radio host broadcasting from the Old City. Storie di Taranto is a film about the hopes and fears of those who live in the shadow of a large factory that employs more than twelve thousand people. During the site the director will show sequences filmed during the last events and will share with the audience the main difficulty of the narrative: the construction of a choral narration that mixes with a network of visions and the with the chronicles of a town.


Language: Italian

Length: 6:10

Country: Italy