Interview with Oscar-Winning Singer Maureen McGovern

Uploaded on Monday 23 January 2012


Two-time Oscar winner, Maureen McGovern, visits Palm Springs for the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. She’s in town until March 10th for the show “Hot Hot Hot.” I was excited to interview McGovern for her songs are part of the soundtrack of my childhood.

In 1972, she helped win Best Original Song for the song “The Morning After” the theme for “The Poseidon Adventure.” Then in 1974, the theme for “The Towering Inferno,” “We May Never Love Like This Again,” won Best Original Song at the Academy Awards earning McGovern the title of Disaster Theme Queen.

But what I remember her most, is the theme song of 1978’s “Superman,” “Can You Read My Mind,” arguably one of the greatest theme songs in superhero history. The song was not eligible for the Oscars because it was not sung in the movie. Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane, said the lines instead.

Nowadays, McGovern busies herself by touring across America with Palm Springs as one of her stops. It was an honor meeting the songstress, and if she could just read my mind, she’d figure out that I was such a fan.


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