#InTheLab w E!'s "#RichKids of Beverly Hills"

Uploaded on Friday 17 January 2014


E!'s "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" hit NYC and stop by #InTheLab. Roxy Sowlaty (@RoxySowlaty), Jonny Drubel (@JonnyDrubel) and Brendan Fitzpatrick (@BrendanFitzp) talk about trying to achieve their ambitious dreams while living the luxurious life in Beverly Hills. Roxy talks about being cut off from her parents, causing further determination to start her business, Jonny talks about working in music and Brendan talks about his success in real estate and his support from girlfriend Morgan, also on the show. Watch the 2 night season premiere on Sunday, January 19th and Monday, January 20th at 10/9c.


Language: English

Length: 12:48

Country: United States

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