Introduction of The Good Wife

Uploaded on Wednesday 8 August 2012


The television drama, The Good Wife is about a woman with a lot of identities: a mother, a wife and a lawyer. It starts with a political scandal and focus on the struggle of the main character-Alicia Florrick. This is a show that you don’t want to miss if you like exquisite storytelling, compelling acting and good law stories. HH introduces this Emmy-Award winning show today.

电视剧《傲骨贤妻》讲述了一个有着很多身份的女性的故事,她是一位母亲,一位妻子,一位律师。故事从一个政治丑闻开始,着重于主人公Alicia Florrick在丑闻之后的挣扎。如果你喜欢细腻的剧情,优秀的演技和法律故事的话,这部剧是你不应该错过的。今天,HH将要向你介绍这部屡获艾美奖的电视剧。


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