. Je suis ce que je vois (I am what I see)

Uploaded on Wednesday 14 September 2011


"Heroism is everywhere, you just need the good eye to see it."

This short-film was shot for the Nikon France Film Festival in december 2010.
The topic of this contest was "I am a hero". By this very simple story, CHIVTEAM® wanted to show how the photographer/videographer can see a scene with a very different eye from other people and how he can change situations with this eye.

The film did not win anything in the Nikon contest but it was the start of the collaboration between Nikon France and CHIVTEAM® for the short-film "Fragments".


Language: Music

Length: 2:21

Country: France

Creative Commons License

. Je suis ce que je vois (I am what I see) by CHIVTEAM® is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 License.