Jennifer McLean - Project Manager at Cupcake Digital

Uploaded on Thursday 28 March 2013


Thank heavens (and Canada!) for Jenn, the organizational wizard of Cupcake Digital. Jenn joined the team, having worked with Brad and Jen Powers as well as Kevin Smith in a pre-Cupcake capacity.

Jenn is responsible for day-to-day project management. She works closely with the artists and developers on the Canadian team, as well as the NY team to produce and develop Cupcake Digital’s deluxe storybooks and games.

A native of our neighbor to the north, Jenn currently lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, and it’s only a 10-minute drive from her front door to sea and sand! (NB has beautiful saltwater beaches). Like many Canadians, speaks English and French…in addition to tech-speak, of course.

Previous iterations of Jenn:

Jenn graduated from University of New Brunswick, Canada with a Business degree. She also studied personal training and fitness instruction – which are still passions – and helped hone the leadership and motivational skills she values today.

Her professional career began in the Canadian Financial industry at RBC Royal Bank. After almost seven years in banking, she decided to change course and move into a new industry. She went to work AOL where she got her start in Project Management, working for the Canadian division of America Online (AOL), AOL Canada Inc.

At AOL she also got her MRS., meeting the man of her dreams. Jenn and her husband have two children, Reese 4 and Max 2, who absolutely love being part of Cupcake’s Quality Assurance team.


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