JSE 420 Films - BURT DRUMS

Uploaded on Wednesday 29 January 2014


JSE 420 Films Presents BURT DRUMS - Screen acting legend Burt Reynolds is featured drumming madly in this short musical presentation jamming hard on an antique set of 1946 SLINGERLAND Gene Krupa Radio King Drums while visiting San Diego Point Loma residence of photographer film maker J.S.Edmondson in 1993.
 Check out the eXplosive action with wild jazz drum moves from Burt Reynolds in this film all shot pre-digital on a Sony TR-81 Hi-8 analog video camera and edited in the camera!

 This film was shot as it appears with the camera recording fast short on and off cut takes during the drum session. No external editing equipment was used in the making of the video and the audio tracks were recorded at the same time in the Hi-8 camera. All special effects were created by pointing the video camera into a TV set and looping the live image back through the camera thus creating a video feedback loop. Audio effects in the titles of this film were created live with external mike and an amp equipped and analog delay.

 Burt Reynolds is played here by the multi talented musical artist and custom musical instrument maker Owen Burke of San Diego California. This film was shot at JSE studios Point Loma San Diego California 1993.
Stay tuned for more short experimental films produced during this early JSE FILMS 420 period.

©2014 J.S.Edmondson



Language: English

Length: 2:02

Country: United States