JSE 420 Films - Mt.Washington New Hampshire with Greg Tsoules

Uploaded on Tuesday 29 November 2011


JSE 420 Films - Mt.Washington New Hampshire HD - At 6288 feet Mount Washington NH is the highest peak in the north eastern United States famous for dangerously wild weather! This new JSE 420 segment features a snowy wintry visit to the presidential range of northern New Hampshire for some cross-country Nordic style snow skiing with guest host correspondent and local native outdoorsman Greg Tsoules.

This video puts the viewer right in the middle of a New England style winter snowstorm in a rural New Hampshire town 3 hours north of Boston! In your face fun outdoors snow scenes here along the back roads of Jackson New Hampshire with Mt. Washington looming in the background!

See what the locals do to keep in shape in the mountains, which are known worldwide for their ferocious winds and unpredictable weather!
Follow Greg along ancient snow laced forest trails as he skis through the birch and pine trees covered with fluffy winter white powder.

For 76 years the weather observatory on top held the record for the highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth's surface 231 mph!
It was known as Agiocochook "Home of the Great Spirit"!

Music by artist Chris Swann of San Diego laying down a couple soulful tunes to fit the smooth refreshing action!

A J.S. Edmondson 420 Series Film
11/2011 Trt-4:48


Language: English

Length: 4:48

Country: United States