Uploaded on Tuesday 9 June 2015


Kaede rukawa is number 1 rookie. He have a height 187cm. black hair. He is a 1st year and the position is small forward. The number of jersey is number 11. Rukawa is have a good skill he also a attractive to many girls. Kaede rukawa is a person very cold and unfeeling.
The hobbit of kaede rukawa is sleeping. He also ride his bike while asleep. kaede rukawa is not accept loss easily. His goal is to be the best high school player in japan. The greatest rival of rukawa is akira sendo.
Kaede rukawa have a potential to be a future basketball star. Kaede rukawa is the ace player of shohoku team. Rukawa is the scoring machine of shohoku. he is very hard to stop him. He like to play and he never fails to answer back faced with a strong opponent. His defensive skills are also very great to steal and even the block taller players. kaede rukawa is very great player of shohoku he also like to defeat all stronger player like sendo and maki.

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