Kalibo Airport

Uploaded on Monday 26 September 2016


When stuck at the airport due to some flight delays, we got no other things to do but to take videos of the surroundings and the things happening around us. Glad we have GoPro and our mobile phones to use and take these videos.

In this video, we have taken time lapse on the airplanes landing and taking offs. Passengers were also moving from here and there and even taken a video when we were about to go from the boarding counter and even inside the plane.

I have found timelapse videos fascinating and I had been taking these kind of films since then whenever we are traveling together. You might have noticed these in the videos that I had posted in my profile and even in my blogs. I wish to take more timelapse videos, those which are longer. We are also planning to buy that accessory where we can time 360 degrees time lapse.

I will be sharing more videos soon. For now, you may enjoy the video above.

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Language: Music

Country: Philippines