Katsanslimites Meets Pisonet

Uploaded on Tuesday 13 December 2016


Hello everyone! You’re probably expecting another of my Watch Me WIP series but surprise! Hehe! Well, Katsanslimites isn’t just all about drawing. She knows a bit about computers too!

Do you remember when I mentioned something on my microblog about going out for a potential business? Right. This is it.

My mom and I recently joined my brother with his Pisonet business. For those who doesn’t know, Pisonet is very similar to a computer shop business. The only difference is that the user no longer have to interact to another person switch the computer and pay, instead, he only needs to insert 1 peso coin/s on the slot provided and to have computer access. That coin slot is similar to the ones on the arcade centers.

What we do is assembling computers for Pisonet and delivering it to our clients, usually those residing in areas with little computer and internet access. We transport the Pisonet boxes through a tricycle or a jeepney or whatever vehicle where the computer boxes can fit. This time, we made use of a jeepney to transport them as you can see on the video.

Pisonet is a bit popular in the Philippines and also a good business but requires frequent maintenance.

Thanks for watching!


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