Kiltro - Trailer

Uploaded on Wednesday 16 March 2011


Marko Zaror stars as Zamir, the leader of a gang of thugs known as the "Kiltros". More a gang of idle layabouts than a gang of criminals, his time with the Kiltros leaves Zamir plenty of opportunity to obsess over Kim, the half Korean high school girl who he once saved from being raped and has been fixated on ever since. Kim, for her part, has no interest in Zamir beyond playing on his obsession for her own entertainment, at one point tricking him into fighting all the students of her father's tae kwon do dojo simultaneously.

When the villainous Max Kalba appears intent on taking his revenge against Kim's father and his entire martial arts sect, whom he blames for his dead wife's infidelity, Zamir is drawn into a larger battle; forced to finally grow up and stand up to protect the people he cares about.

With an elaborately plotted script and a sense of high theatrics, Kiltro's stylized imagery inspired by anima, chambara and spaghetti westerns


Language: Spanish

Length: 1:54

Country: Chile