Kuroko no basket Shintaro Midorima

Uploaded on Monday 14 September 2015


Shintaro midorima is the one also on generation of miracle. he is the 100% shooting inside the whole court . he is very great shooter of shotuko. the heght of shintaro midorima is 6'5". the position of shintaro midorima is shooting guard. the talent of shintaro midorima are high projectile three, perfect accurancy, unlimited range, and catch & shoot with takao. Shintaro midorima was the vice-captain of the generation of miracles. He now plays for one of the three kings of tokyo. Shutoku high.

Shintaro midorima has short, dark green hair that doesn't reach his eyes. his hair is parted to the left. he is quite big and tall, being the second-tallest from the generation of miracles. He has light green eyes and he wears black-framed glasses that are framed on all sides except the top. He bandages his left
hand outside of matches, so that nothing can influence his left-hand shot. He also files his nails for the same reason. Shintaro midorima is often seen with a lucky item, that varies from a stuffed frog to a bear to a potted cactus. Out of games, he wears his school uniform: a black jacket that is strapped all the way to his neck and black pants. He plays with jersey number 6 at shutoko. Shintaro midorima is usually very reserved. he feels no need for fooling around.

Shintaro midorima is very confident in his abilities, he often acts high and mighty around others mostly his teammates. Shintaro midorima is very strongly believes in the oha asa horoscopes and is set at ease when he hears that his zodiac sign, cancer, will have a lucky day, even going as far as carrying a so-called a lucky item with him everywhere. Shintaro midorima also believes in blood types compatibility, as shown when he said kuroko's blood type a and his blood type b don't get along. Shintaro midorima os ranging from filling his nails, taping his fingers, listening to the oha asa horoscopes, and carrying his lucky item of the day accordingly, as some sort of obsession.

Shintaro midorima harbours a reluctant admiration for kuroko, he seems to resent the fact kuroko is able to stand against members of the generation of miracles despite his lack of natural talent and that he chose a new and relatively unknown team like seirin. He thinks that kuroko is stupid to choose a school who cannot use his strength. Despite usually being calm, he snapped during shutoku's match againts Seirin team high in the winter cup. He told takao to stop fooling around ang had the intent of destroying seirin completely. Takao compared him to a dangerous wild beast. During the same match, midorima also let go of his pride and began playing with his team in order to win. He never relied on other in the past, but now puts.

Shintaro midorima joined the basketball team when he entered teiko junior high school and because of his exceptional shooting accuracy and shooting range, eventually belonged to the regulars of the team.
some time in those three years, when akashi was made captain, Shintao midorima served as vicecaptain.
They held captain meetings, but would often jus play shogi in the meantime. akashi was and still is a shogi-expert and midorima could not win once against him. a line of thought akashi would pull throught to basketball, but denied by midorima. Shintaro midorima would often complete with akashi in other areas as well, such as the results of the exams where akashi always placed first. Shintaro midorima is a great player also for three poins shoot out. he is very great to shoot any where inside the court. they have many shooter but shintaro midorima is 100% shooting in the inside of the court. that's why he is the one of generation of miracle.


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