Kuroko No Basket Taiga Kagami

Uploaded on Friday 14 August 2015


Taiga Kagami is the player of seirin high. He is the ace and power forward of seirin high. He age is 16 years old he have a height 190 cm and he weight is 82 kg. he’s birthday is august 2nd and sodiac sign leo.
He have a many skill. He have a power forward, jumping power, self alley-oop, lane up ,air walking, meteor jam, tactical battle, animal instinct, pressure defense, Zone and direct drive zone.
Kagami is very ambitious, stubborn and determined. He refuses to give up in a difficult situation and he is also very head strong. He is well known for his undying and furious fighting spirit. Kagami enjoys to play against strong opponents and sees no point in playing basketball when there are no strong opponents which was evident when kagami faced kuroko tetsuya for the first time. The down-side of this, is that he is also very hot-headed and has a short temper.
During the series, and especially after the interhigh and during the winter cup, kagami matured a lot. Instead of going up against every provocation and becoming hot-headed quickly, he thinks before he acts and has developed some sort of hind sight that lets him simulate a possible one on one battle. Even thought that he still hates losing, he has somewhat took peace with it. Now, he has become a much more clever player that doesn’t plunge into battles without thinking first.
In third grade kagami moved to the states and attended school there. He had a hard time making friends because of his foreign appearance but he met tatsuya himuro who invited him to play street basketball with him. Kagami accepted and made his first friend.
Kagami is the first introduced at seirin high school’s opening ceremony, when he walked and he fills in a registration paper but doesn’t write his future goals. On the first training he is seen standing with the other seirin players. When she arrives at kagami she sees that his stats are exceptionally high and is very impressed.
Taiga kagami is the great player in seirin he want to defeat the all member of generation of miracle and number 1 in japan.


Language: English

Country: Philippines