kuroko no basket tetsuya kuroko

Uploaded on Monday 14 September 2015


Tetsuya kuroko is the phantom sixth player of generation of miracle at teiko junior high. he specialises in misdirection and passes. he play a regular with seirin with the goal of bringing the team and taiga kagami to the top of japan.
Tetsuya kuroko is the small person. he have a height 5'6". he a 16 years old to join to seirin team.
The birthday is january 31st the sogiac sign is aquarius. the talent of tetsuya kuroko in basket ball are misdirection, invisible pass, cyclone pass, ignite pass, ignite pass kai, vanishing drive, misdirection overflow, phantom shot, quasi-emperor eye. That is the talent of tetsuya kuroko.

Tetsuya kuroko has a deadpan and straight forward personality. he is a very hard working and always tries to satisfy the needs of the team above his own. He is quite gloomy and un notice able, a trait that goes well with his misderiction.he has also displayed much respect towards fellow passionate basketball players and thinks that while senpai is have pride. Tetsuya kuroko gets extremely furious at dirty play.

Tetsuya kuroko has metaphorically referred to himself as a "shadow" with this he means that he is playing for someone else, and that he becomes stronger when the light is stronger. Tetsuya kuroko is a supports during a basketball game. Tetsuya kuroko is a very gentle man when dealing with women.
Tetsuya kuroko also lectures kagami that he should deal with women more delicately.

Tetsuya kuroko he is a very calm, rational person, but it is shown that he also has his silly moments.
in one make he says hat he can also become notice able abd does so by pulling his jacket over his head.
Other player under statement, tetsuya kuroko because he is very small and the built of his body is very small and weak. but he is very great great player. Tetsuya kuroko appears on his first day in seirin high. He walks through the mass of people who are being pursued by the clubs to join their club, but kuroko isn't spoken to, because he makes himself invisible. He searches for the school. basketball club and fills in an application form, without riko noticing him. koganei sees the paper later and riko is surprised that she didn't notice a player who was on the same team as the generation of miracle.

On the first training of tetsuya kuroko, riko uses her scanning ability on everyone on the team. tetsuya kuroko was standing in front of her and he tells her that he's right here. Riko orders him to take his shirt so that she can see his stats again, but concludes that he's fairly weak compared to the rest of the team.


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