La légèreté de MeShona' and Vitiligo

Uploaded on Friday 11 April 2014


After being abandoned, a women with a rare autoimmune skin disease called vitiligo empowers herself to inspire and help others.

Vitiligo is a melanin depigmentation disease that causes white patchy spots on the skin and has no cure.

During a period of mourning, MeShona' discovers that children with vitiligo are being bullied and often times commit suicide. After learning this, she is so moved that she begins to use her compassion and forbearance experiences as inspiration to promote digital literacy, empower women, build awareness about vitiligo and encourage children that it's OK to be different.

Imagine for a moment, looking into the mirror witnessing your skin complexion and texture change from the skin color that you were born with. While also faintly hearing sounds thus learning that you've also lost your hearing.

My name is MeShona'. And I confess and share my story.


Language: English

Length: 2:14

Country: United States