Lapkes' Super-Holding Attack

Uploaded on Saturday 29 January 2011


This is a compilation video of the attacks of Olympic fencer Dmitri Lapkes from Belarus in an attempt to provide an analysis of them. The first song is "The Art of Losing" by American Hi-Fi and the second song is Call on me by Eric Prydz.

The study that is mentioned in the video is know as Signal Detection theory. There are two options that Lapkes has when he sees a counterattack or a fake of counterattack: he can finish or hold and ignore it. If he finishes and it is a real counterattack, the study calls it a hit: Lapkes is awarded with a touch. If he thinks he sees a counterattack and finishes when it is not real it is called a false alarm and the penalty is that he goes on defense. If he does not react to a real counterattack, this is called a miss and his penalty is that his opponent gets a touch. If he ignores the fake counterattack this is called a correct rejection and his reward is that he gets to continue attacking. For Lapkes, a miss (where his opponent gets a touch) is much worse than a false alarm (where nothing happens to him immediately) and so he has pushed his threshold to one side to get more false alarms than misses. Here is a link to the study for whoever is interested.


Language: English

Length: 6:11

Country: United States