Uploaded on Monday 21 February 2011


A review of the latest portable computer technology focusing on new batteries, color, faster processors, larger hard drives and backlit displays.

Guests: Keith Comer, Toshiba; Kevin Mankin, Zenith; Jim Barltett, NECMac Mc; Loughlin, Compaq; Michael Morris, Intelligent Tech; Bill Howard, PC Magazine; Bill Lempesis, Dataquest; Betty English, Hitachi; Dan Farber, Mac; Week; Jerry Borrell, MacWorld

Products/Demos: Toshiba T1600Toshiba T5200Zenith Turbo; Sport 386NEC Ultralite; Compaq SLT 286CAT 286 Cellular Computer; Hitachi Color LCD Display; Macintosh Portable


Language: English

Length: 30min

Country: United States

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