Let there be Light

Uploaded on Saturday 2 April 2011


When a young man from a middle class Bengali family came to know that he is HIV+, his known world underwent a sea change into an unknown one. He got flooded with uneasy curiosities and hatred – in reality as well as in his dreams. The glaring pricking stares from the near and dear ones make him bleed. Being tired of this shameful and useless existence, he decides to put an end to his life. While heading for committing suicide he met a street urchin repeatedly. The boy, in funny clothes, was playing his flute. But his face could not clearly be seen.

The young man chose a lonely pond to drown into and die. But at the moment of plunging into the pond, the dancing green masses of algae under the water reminded him of the love and care his parents and sister kept him surrounded with all through. He could not kill himself. The remembrance of that eternal love, care, affection and prayer made him realize the shallowness of the temporary hatred and the queries. Like the vast azure sky, the white autumn flowers, a child’s smile and an artist’s creation, this life is also guileless and beautiful. None can put an end to that without a nod from the creator. The goal of life is to live it to its fullest and nothing else. He comes out of the water. Suddenly that urchin comes back to him. Yellow and green gets mixed up in his consciousness. He comes back to life with a new realization. His entire self gets all enlightened with fiery, brilliant light. This new light of consciousness removes all the darkness of life and the world.


Language: English

Length: 17:21

Country: India