Let's Play: Diablo 3 RoS - Event: The Harvest

Uploaded on Friday 11 April 2014


Hakuteiken e Lalepop VS Event: The Harvest. Atto V, Torment III. Barbarian PoV. Event stranissimo.


Language: Italian

Length: 2:16

Country: Italy


  • nargeszaka


  • mustaqeem

    very good

  • JoshD-CG

    Not much of a fan of Diablo but it looks pretty cool

  • JohnTancredi

    I think I will. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Antonio-NadeaTranslations

    Ahahahah, well, you should give it a try!

  • JohnTancredi

    I have not played very many similar games but the ones I have played I enjoyed... I'm just pretty bad at them haha

  • Antonio-NadeaTranslations

    John, I would say 4/5. It's pretty fun, if you like to farm for your gear :P

  • deepak-sharma

    What is Diablo?

  • Zeeshan_Khan

    Good one!

  • samira-nahil


  • neloofar


  • Zeeshan_Khan

    Nice one !

  • JohnTancredi

    Out of 5 how would you rank the game? I'm considering getting it for my 360 to play over the summer?