Let's Sing: Closer You and I (Love Version)

Uploaded on Tuesday 13 September 2016


Hello guys! This is my 'Love' Version of Closer You and I song cover, as I have promised. This time, I arranged some pitch and toned down what must be toned down from my last video of this cover. It was still difficult for me to combine the right facial expressions, the right tone, and the right feel at the same time. Although I have managed to pull off my 'Each Day With You' cover, this time, it was a bit difficult. If you are going to listen to the song at first (interpreted by Mr. Gino Padilla), it will sound playful and fun while being romantic and endearing at the same time so I had to follow this nature at the same time. I know I still have to know many things in performing but for this video and compared to the last version, I think I have put more emotions to the song (while obtaining the right pitch) which is the real intent of it. And..... I hope you will like it...... Stay in love my friends!

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