Livin' Out Rock'n'Roll (Trailer)

Uploaded on Friday 21 June 2013


"This is the dirty disregarded history of rock'n'roll." The trailer for Livin' Out Rock'n'Roll story of The Babysitters and the Last of the Teenage Idols as told by the people who somehow managed to live through it.

Some called it Glam Punk
others Glam Metal
and there were those that prefered
Glam Trash

Whatever you want to call it London in the early 80s
saw the stirrings of a bold and brash new rock scene

It gave the world some great bands and pick of the bunch were this lot

The Babysitters -
four men united by a love of rock'n'roll -
and a refusal to take anything seriously


Language: English

Length: 2:14

Country: United Kingdom