Looking back on 2009!

Uploaded on Saturday 30 January 2010


All in all, Mark and Jimmy traveled to 23 states and added 49 new video episodes this year. 49 new video experiences featuring John Wayne, absinthe, Dylan Thomas, winter warmers, Italian varietals, Marilyn Monroe, $1 Happy Hour Oysters, Miss America 1998 (aka Kate Shindle), a bar devoted only to Cask Ale, a prohibition-era Barber Shop, a bar fulla sharks, a Brazen Head, MURDER in Manasquan, The Civilization of Beer, Beer Wars, an amazing Man Cave, the Dark Lord (itself!), Antlers, maple syrup, Flying Dogs, a solar powered bar & restaurant, a Pony present, THE SUMMIT, the NY Spirit Awards, Victory Brewing's brews and food, Alien abduction, more wine, Aspen, Lancaster, New Belgium, Larry the Missouri River Rat, Sunflowers, Back to BROADWAY!, Boulder Beer's Paddy-OH, S.S. US Lounge, Mackenzie, Breckenridge Brewing's Baseball Brewery and BBQ, Avery Brewing's Barrels, Oskar Blues' NICE CANS!, some Catacombs, and a nice Drive around Denver. And in 2010 we’ve got even bigger plans including a Nationwide tour, more discoveries, better history and cooler stories, brews, and drinks!

WHEW. You've gotta see this!


Language: English

Length: 6:46

Country: United States