[LookUp's Video Collection] Content Reviewed - Episode 01

Uploaded on Wednesday 26 October 2016


Actually lately I was thinking what video should I submit for review. Because submit video for review seems easier than submit blog which you have to write thousands of words, do the editing, researching, etc. So I decided to make a video compilation of content reviewed, because I have some collection of recorded video which containing the result from content reviewed.

I kind of feel troubled when editing this videos, so please understand if this video look amateurish and messy.

In this video there are three records of the results of blog reviewed by Sis Hillary Summers, and I will explain briefly below:

1. Hello Counselor: The Problem Solver TV Show
This is my fourth blog which I submit for review. Because I didn't record my first, second, and third blog, so I did not include them in this compilation video. In this blog I was just lacking in terms of selection of tags that said were OK by Sis Hillary Summers. So I got 4 stars, but that's okay because this was a double reward topic, so I got a buzz bonus +10.
You can visit here: http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/hello-counselor-the-problem-solver-tv-show/3640080

2. You Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook: Talk Show and Live Music Shows
This is my fifth blog that I submit for review. I was surprised when I saw the results given by Sis Hillary Summers. When I read the ratings-assessment of this blog I did not find flaws. So I got 5 stars for this blog and make this blog as a the second blog which I got 5 stars. I am glad that time, plus it was a double reward topic, so I got a buzz bonus +30.
You can visit here: http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/you-hee-yeols-sketchbook-talk-show-and-live-music-shows/3677500

3. LookUp's Movie Review: 'More Than Blue' Love Beyond The World
This is my sixth blog that I submit for review. Because at that time the double reward topic has ended, so I began have difficulty choosing a topic for my next blog. So I decided to write a review of a movie, More than Blue. Because for me this movie was very impressive, even today. Actually I did not expect too high on this blog, but I am quite satisfied with the 4 stars given by Sis Hillary Summers and got a buzz bonus +5.
You can visit here: http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/lookups-movie-review-more-than-blue-love-beyond-the-world/3772123

I hope you enjoy this video, even though not well edited. I won't expect too high about the result, because I know that this video still need many improvement.

Song credit: 王博文 (Wangbowen) - 重生

Thanks guys for your time~
See you next time~

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