Lotte Verbeek - Actress

Uploaded on Wednesday 19 May 2010


Shooting Star 2010 Lotte Verbeek on why being an actress is appealing to her: "I like the fact that you can transform me into other people, other characters. I like to use your fantasy and imagination and put you in somebody else's shoes, try to imagine how things could be".

Verbeek was trained at the Amsterdam Academy of Dramatic Arts, as well as at the Amsterdam Academy of Jazz/Musical Theatre and Dance. In 2007, she won her first leading role in a feature film, Left by Froukje Tan.

She won the Best Actress Awards at the International Film Festivals of Locarno and Marrakech for her performance in Urszula Antoniak's Nothing Personal. "We didn't expect that at all, we are still really surprised".


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Country: Netherlands

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