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Uploaded on Friday 7 October 2011


Looking for Mr. Right? Sick of dating Mr. Wrong? We all know dating isn’t easy but Love Mania TV gives all the advice you need. From how to deal with a cheater to knowing when to call it quits, Dana and Jeannine cover it all!
Think we missed one? We are open to any topic you are interested in and would love to hear your feedback. Love Mania TV welcomes your stories, questions and suggestions at or We may tell your story or even ask you to be a guest on the show!

您在寻找真命天子吗?总是为遇到不对的人而烦恼吗?我们都知道约会是不容易的,但是Love Mania《爱疯狂》电视会提供给您所需要的所有建议。从如何应付背叛的情人,到知道在适当的时机结束恋情,我们的两位电视主持人丹娜(Dana)和珍妮(Jeannine)都会告诉你!
我们有错过了任何主题吗?任何你感兴趣的主题,我们都诚心欢迎您的提問及参与,我们期待听到您的回响。 Love Mania《爱疯狂》电视欢迎您与我们分享故事,有任何问题和建议,请访问 或请发信到 . 我们很乐意分享您的故事,您也有机会成为节目中的主角。


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