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Real Stories. Real Advice. Love Mania TV is hosted by two best friends Dana and Jeannine, who share their personal experiences and those of others about dating, relationships and the ups and downs of love. Love Mania TV delves into topics and questions about love that are on all of our minds. We welcome your stories, questions and suggestions at or We would love to share your story with our viewers and even invite you to be a guest on the show!

真实的故事,真诚的建议。 Love Mania《爱疯狂》 的两位电视主持人丹娜(Dana)和珍妮(Jeannine),她们从小时候就认识,两人的感情非常好,她们在这里分享她们的亲身经历,其中包括了约会,人际关系和爱情的起起伏伏。 Love Mania《爱疯狂》电视将深入讨论关于爱情的主题和问题。想与我们分享您的故事吗? 您有任何问题和建议吗? 欢迎访问 或请发信到 . 我们很乐意与我们的观众分享您的故事,您也有机会成为节目中的主角。


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